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       InSem USA is a solid-state LED lighting manufacturer servicing the eco-friendly lighting industry

with state-of-the-art products and excellent service. 

       Our three-fold mission is to:

1) Offer the most prolific portfolio of best-in-class, competitively priced LED lighting products and services;

2) Identify and understand the true needs and challenges our customers are faced with, so we can

provide optimal custom solutions to meet those needs;

3) Be known as the industry’s LED lighting authority – InSem USA is at the forefront of the newest LED

and LED control technology.

        Our ongoing contribution to the development of high-tech lighting will be to help define the

industry standard of LED quality and design. Our mission will serve to better support a variety of

market segments, including electric sign manufacturing, retail/point-of-sale, tradeshow industry and

builder/contractor sectors. InSem USA is dedicated to integrity, ethical business practices, and

providing the highest grade of quality and customer service, as these virtues are the cornerstones of

our company mission.


  • Integrity

  • Customization 

  • Ethical business standards

  • Respect for individuals

  • Customers / partnership success

  • Community and industry involvement

  • Flexibility

  • Responsiveness

  • Legendary Customer Service

  • Exceed customer expectations

  • Best-in-class quality, design

  • Unequaled performance


       Founded in Irvine California in 2008, InSem USA’s initial focus was to introduce an LED Lighting

system designed for retail display cases, Point-of-Sale displays, exhibition and even residential and

commercial lighting retrofits. This product has revolutionized POS and accessory displays for the

nation’s leading retailers. With the tremendous success of our LED Lighting system, InSem USA has

been able to expand our offering into a prolific line of other LED products and services to many

different industries.          

        We stand firm by our unique value proposition, which is to provide “Top-Tier” quality products,

solution-oriented services, and competitive price points to help our customers maintain a profitable,

competitive edge in their respective markets. Simply stated, our goal is to give our customer the best

opportunity to be competitive and to bring quality and value-add to your customer base.

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